Margo Williams Press report

Editor’s Introduction to the Ghost Hunter Case Files of Margo Williams

Isle of Wight-based psychic Margo Williams discovered the best-documented evidence to confirm the existence of ghosts. Her work has been tested and independently confirmed, even by scientists and observed by film teams, all of whom have been amazed by the experience, for Margo recorded the spoken testimony of ghosts and recovered artefacts lost, hidden or buried by the person when still alive. It is extraordinary evidence, and even more so to be present, as many people have been, to witness this activity.

Margo welcomed anyone who wanted to watch or work, out on ‘digs’ as she called them; occasions when ghosts indicated there was something important to them that they had lost or buried, keepsakes or other treasured possessions.

Image of Margo Williams and Nick Hammond at Avebury Henge, Wiltshire
Margo Williams & Nick Hammond

Ghost Rescue & Removal

I also accompanied Margo into the homes of people who contacted her for help in removing unwanted paranormal presences. There was nothing theatrical about what she did; just a warm-hearted, down-to-earth openness in helping those who needed it.

I saw the obvious relief in householders’ expressions when we returned some time after, to confirm the work was successful; and I read the many letters thanking Margo. I realized what an extraordinary gift she had been given; and also the way in which she used it, for she worked without fuss or expectation of reward, asking only for a donation toward her expenses in getting to them. She did what she did quietly and professionally. She helped so many people with her extraordinary gifts, the living and the dead, if that is how we choose to think of them.

She produced a series of small books documenting her work and experiences. Now out of print, much of that material is included in these new books but mostly it is from her work in some famously haunted sites and buildings.

I researched available documents to discover the identity of any ghosts who provided information, and to locate their place in history. My contribution to these books are the historical references. Any errors or omissions are mine, not Margo’s.

Personality Survival

Margo’s work confirms the witness accounts of those many people who have had near-death experiences, and so advances the case for the continuation of personality after the death of the body. But some it seems do not make it through the famous ‘tunnel of light’ and their physical body is in no condition to be reanimated. They are stuck between worlds, earthbound: ghosts.

And what they have to say about the experience is most interesting.
So, let Margo and the ghosts tell you how it is.


During the golden years of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s residency at Farringford the people of this island experienced the presence of so many famous people, normally so distant and so stellar; it was as if the Gods had passed through Freshwater Gate to walk upon the Isle of Wight. And perhaps that was where and when things all changed.

They had no idea how their very presence was setting into motion a whole new challenge to religious faith that within one hundred and fifty years would be just as pervasive as the consequence of industry: the cult of celebrity.


The matter of Heaven & Hell has fired up more than just a war of words even now, and even though Science says there is no such thing as a soul, a ‘ghost in the machine’ of the body that survives death.

If asked where Heaven is, most religious people point up to the sky. Hell is downward but on a spinning globe on which the masses of humankind inhabit two hemispheres, identifying the exact location of these two destinations becomes a problem. So what can we know about the architecture of the afterlife, if there is one. Can ghosts give us a clue?


Above the doorway in the old tower that stands atop Glastonbury Tor are remains of stone carvings of the Grail guardians. Some of Saint Michael can be identified, locked in a struggle to pin down a dragon, below him is a carved relief of an angel and a devil watching a pair of scales in which a soul is weighed.

The tower is an eerie place, and some visitors while up there say they heard supernatural sounds of screaming, and wonder to which part of the Grail story that noise belongs.

It is possible to speculate on the nature of time: we assume it to be moving ever forward. Our history books accrue dates and events as markers, but do some of us continue our unique role in the universe’s epic drama; replaying life’s curious and bitter sweet politics for the satisfaction of the great God of time?

It is fair to say rogues do tend to stick around as ghosts, be they royals or not. For many, being a ghost seems to be a period of penance-in-place.


There is an unfounded conviction, held by millions of humans, taught through many religions generation after generation, and advanced by the world’s greatest thinkers, that there is a soul and it does live on after death. This belief alone does not prove its existence any more than the negative assertion of Science confirms its non-existence.

Luckily – so to speak – the truth comes to us all; every one of us will find out sooner or later if we survive this thing called life, after death.

Extra for this edition: read the case files of the ghosts of old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris; and Versailles the spectacular palace of the Sun King Louis XIV.

* First published as Ghostly Encounters . As Experienced by Isle of Wight Psychic Margo Williams. October 1997. Coach House Publications.
ISBN No. 1-899-392-106. Revised and published with additional content. January 2018

Witness the voices of the  hereafter, it may help in the here now.

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