Ghost Encounters Royals & Rogues

GHOST ENCOUNTERS ROYALS & ROGUES For many centuries kings and queens have assumed their responsibility is ordained by God, so spiritual leaders insist when placing crown upon forehead at the coronation. History remembers good royals, mediocre royals, bad and the rogue; but do royals receive special protection by way of privilege of position, from becoming … Read more

Ghost Encounters Destiny & Desire

GHOST ENCOUNTERS DESTINY & DESIRE. Does life boil down to the essential problem: is it good to get what you want? Some people surf life’s ups and downs and accept their destiny, regardless; others tweak, bend, duck from and deflect fate’s incoming. Some go in search of the Holy Grail to make their world a … Read more

Ghostly Encounters Life & Death

GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS LIFE & DEATH First published in 1997 without the ‘Life & Death’ subtitle. It has been added to reflect the urgency of its message, plus some additional case files: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and the mysterious palace gardens of Versailles. Open case studies and unearth buried treasures lost or hidden by ghosts. … Read more

Ghost Encounters Heaven & Hell

GHOST ENCOUNTERS HEAVEN & HELL. Some people insist the world is strictly WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get. Others believe there is a heaven up there somewhere; and a hell down below. But on a spinning globe, peopled in both hemispheres, identifying those twin locations becomes a problem. Open case studies and … Read more

Ghost Encounters Famous & Forgotten

GHOST ENCOUNTERS FAMOUS & FORGOTTEN These case files feature some of the Island’s celebrity ghosts and ghost celebrities from events still remembered and some long forgotten. As science explores the weird world of our sub-atomic existence; the dead reflect upon the words of Lao Tse who so famously asked, long ago (so long as to … Read more

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