Olympian Goddesses and Gods: Community

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Our ancestors tried to figure out how our miraculous community of life came to be, and what they came up with are seemingly crazy stories of monsters, marriages and mutilations; until some two thousand years ago when God-the-Everything was thought to be a better explanation.

“Big Bang” is our current preferred origin story. Ours is one of millions upon millions of universes, mostly invisible and wholly free of all supernatural elements. The old Gods were characters of a past age: the Age of Myth, dreamed up by our science-ignorant ancestors.

We as a species have always told stories to help us understand why we are as we are. Our ancestors had the same problems we have today: tribal integration, and the eternal battle of the sexes. But, are we alone in a mostly invisible multiverse or do goddesses, gods and monsters exist?

Featured Goddesses & Gods:

Erebus, Eros & Night; Rhea; Theia & Mnemosyne; Phoebe & Themis; Cronus; Coeus & Crius; Hyperion & Iapetus; Cyclopes & Hundred Handed; Isa; Metis; The Muses; Demeter; Selene; Helios; Larnatas; Kyron; Phanes & Aether; Eos & Hemera; Leto; Diana; Asclepius & Janus; Atlas & Hercules; The Hesperides & The Graces; The Hours; Heliads & Heliades & Phaethon; Uranus; Fauna & the Festival of Flowers; Isa & the Festival of Creation.

Available in ebook and print version:

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From the Beginning…

Why some goddesses and gods are black, white or brown in any hue or tone may be personal choice or it may be environment. I don’t know because no one explained it to me. Some are more fluid of form than others, though not many. Mostly they chose consistency in their appearance.

Erebus features in no legends; his name is synonymous with the Underworld arrivals area through which the newly-deceased pass on their way to Hades. “Darkness and shadow” were the attributes described of him but his orange radiance when first he came to the temple was warm and vibrant; as different to darkness as it is possible to be. A dazzling orange spotlight shone through the room.

‘It is unusual for me to be honoured. I feel welcome.’ The sound of his voice vibrated like an earthquake tremor through the floor. ‘Stand in the light.’
I didn’t need to move, for the spotlight widened filling the room. As it touched my body it gently moved me. It felt pleasant, like being a grass stalk in a breeze. A sickly-sweet aroma wafted through the radiance and a curious rhythmic sound of chanting, as if by someone a long way distant. Despite such gentleness the light felt powerful.

‘The light is the essence of my self,’ he said; a second tremor passed through the temple. ‘Let it take you wherever it will, priestess.’ The light pulsed, moving me back and forth. ‘Your temple is a pleasure; the power and love vibrate at great speed. I shall not give tests today,’ he said distantly as if he already had left the room. ‘Next time.’ The orange light flashed bright then vanished leaving me standing dazzled and slightly swaying.
Sometimes first contact was as brief as that.

We had raised an altar constructed of stone, enough to build a three-sided structure which when standing on an old square flag-stone rose three feet high. The altar face was decorated with shells and an arrangement of semi-precious inexpensive stones: some agates, a pearl, a crystal and a natural uncut ruby. The temple was illuminated by two candle sticks standing on either side of the altar, each on an iron holder of equal height; and perfumed by an incense burner on the altar.

Day and night the temple was busy with activity and light; flashes of golden radiance as Helios came to speak; the night moon-silver of Selene; Eros’ pink fantasia; the Titan sisterhood’s magisterial light-shows; the earth-mother Demeter’s leaf bud green that signalled her lessons for life and our survival; and the ground-shaking stomp and fire-eyed scrutiny of Isa when she arrived.

And the darkness came when Erebus returned to the temple, some six weeks later.

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