Olympian Foundation Goddesses and Gods COMMUNITY

 – A Small Universe Guide for Priestesses –

FEATURING: Erebus, Eros & Night; Rhea; Theia & Mnemosyne; Phoebe & Themis; Cronus; Coeus & Crius; Hyperion & Iapetus; Cyclopes & Hundred Handed; Isa; The Muses; Uranus.

PART II: Demeter; Selene; Leto; Phanes, Aether & Janus; Helios; Larnatas; Eos & Hemera; Diana; The Graces; Kyron & Asclepius; Atlas & Hercules; Fauna & Flora; The Graea & Harmonia; Phaethon, Heliads & Heliades; The Hours.


Erebus, Eros and Night


Theia and Mnenosyne

Introduction: Gods & Mortals. The Age Old Problem. How our miraculous community of life came to be here inhabiting this spinning piece of rock we call “Earth” is a need-to-know question. Christians and Jews, Muslims, Hindus Sikhs and Scientists, all offer their answers.

At first it seems obvious: Pa impregnated Ma and she grew us in her belly for nine months, is how we got here. And the same thing happened to their own ma and pa, and so on all the way back to Adam and Eve or the unicellular ancestral sea-creature.

And where those all came from becomes the next need-to-know question. These in turn can be traced back through evolution to a promordial soup and then to a Big Bang, the Singularity. Or God for those who prefer that explanation. It is up to you to figure it out for yourself, how you came to be here. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t and maybe it doesn’t matter anyway. Big Bang is our current preferred creation story.

Many others in the community of life on earth insist their own God was responsible for it all; explosions are part of a sequence whose trigger remains unknown. Yes it is a need to know question but only for so long. Faith is quicker. Our ancestors tried to figure it out too, long before us, and what they came up with is preserved in the ancient myths. Crazy stories of fantastic beings, monsters, marriages and mutilations, and generally dismissed as primitive ramblings.

During the sixties the old stories were looked over again. Piecing together the fragments, scholars suggest how we all got here wasn’t their problem so much as how they all got along together. The old myths explained the complicated mix of tribal immigration and integration way back in the very distant past.


Gods & Mortals: Hesiod the poet compiled the first definitive list of who the old Gods were; where they came from, and how they and everything else came to be. Hesiod probably topped the bill at the Delphi city theatre, sometime around 500 BC, with his new best seat-selling story of the beginning of our world. On nights when Homer was done with his audeince.

“I shall tell you all, how in the first place the Gods and the Earth came to be,” he crooned. “And the rivers! And the boundless sea with its seething swell. And the shining stars, and the wide heavens above. As well as the Gods born of these givers of good things.” Hesiod. Theogony.

That was long ago. These days “Big Bang” is the preferred creation event; ours is one of millions of universes, most of which are invisible but assuredly free of supernatural elements. There is no intelligence behind the creation, the Singularity. The old Gods were characters of an age long forgotten: the Age of Myth, dreamed up by our ancestors. But they had the same problems we have today: Integration, and the eternal battle of the sexes. Mythical things.


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