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These case files feature some of the Island’s celebrity ghosts and ghost celebrities from events still remembered and some long forgotten. As science explores the weird world of our sub-atomic existence; the dead reflect upon the words of Lao Tse who so famously asked, long ago (so long as to mostly be forgotten): Which is more destructive to a celebrity – success or failure? 

Open case studies of forgotten celebrities, and unearth buried treasures lost or hidden by ghosts. Witness their views of the Hereafter, it might help in the here now.

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Chale & Blackgang Chine, Isle of Wight

The Shipwreck & The Ghost Girl Of Chale

Among the most famous Island shipwrecks is the loss of the Clarendon in 1836. Many died on the shore, smashed by a storm; most were buried nearby in the old church in Chale. Among the tragedies there was a miracle. Forgotten, mostly is the curious case of Miss Gourlay’s onward journey home, after she drowned. Some say she is the ghost who sometimes is seen drifting through the village to the church, then down to the sea.

St Catherine’s Tower, Blackgang, Isle of Wight

The Thief & The Golden World Of ‘eaven

Last of Britain’s medieval lighthouses the old tower on the top of St. Catherine’s Down, once was attached to an oratory; built on the order of an angry pope, to compensate God for a sacrilegious displacement of a cargo of wine meant for the clergy. Some say the ghostly lantern carrier is unlucky Walter de Godeton, the wrecker responsible, given extra penance for what he did.

The Longstone, Mottistone, Isle of Wight

The Longstone, Mottistone

Ship To The Stars

Some say the old megalithic dolmen structure on Strawberry Lane, In Mottistone is a Druid Stone; others say it is a ley line site of special mystic interest. ‘A Ship to the Stars‘ explores the different types of ghost found haunting the old Longstone in Mottistone. Are ghosts “Atmospheric Photographs” or curious Dark Matter slips of Time. 

Nunwell House, Ashey, Isle of Wight

The Grey Lady & The Architect Of Destruction

One of the Island’s most famous old houses: Nunwell in Ashey, near Brading.  Discover the identity of the notorious “Grey Lady” ghost; and the more famous whining Regency architect found trapped with her who ripped out its panelling, and had a mind to tear down the old pile and start again, until Lady Oglander derailed the madman’s plan.

Knighton Gorges House, Isle of Wight

The Ghost House Ghost

Margo tracked down the ghost of the Island’s most famous haunted building, Knighton Gorges, a house that itself has become a ghost since its destruction in the early 1800s. Sometimes, like Brigadoon it appears; but mostly it is gone since it was torn down by its last bitter-hearted owner. A murderer of Archbishop Becket lived here happily ever after, and some say it must be he who haunts the house.  The ghost of Knighton Gorges suffered.

Yarmouth Church, Yarmouth Isle of Wight

Daniel Alexander’s Tower

The curious case of a ghost celebrity coming back to haunt a town; Yarmouth town. Not so long ago, the church leaders requested an extension to their tower, to remind God of their importance in His Big Plan. What they got , they didn’t like and expressed their dissatisfaction in print over what so irked them about the church extension. They prayed to God that he wasn’t offended by the architect’s work. 

Westminster Abbey, London

The Ghosts Of Heaven’s Gate

So named after Saint Peter’s visit to the early construction site that now is Westminster Abbey. For a long time through the Dark Ages it was known as the Isle of Thorns. Some say the Romans worshipped their ancient Gods on this site, long before. So why have so many celebrities got stuck at Heavens Gate? Does Peter still hold the keys to Heaven? Or is someone else the gatekeeper, and that someone else is female?

Old Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London

A Brief History of Nothing

Three celebrity ghosts in the Old Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London are silent on science’s attempts to do away with the idea of God and ghosts, and instead base truth of all that is, on what only can be seen. Some say that’s a big ask, in a multi-dimensional multiverse.

Farringford House, Freshwater, Isle of Wight

The King’s Idyll Ambush

The guest-list at Farringford, Alfred’s home, was a mind-boggling memento of Victorian celebrity; scientists, statesmen, artists, poets. Many gathered here to contemplate Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species; a biological bombshell so big even God was bothered by it. The Island’s house of celebrity is also among its most haunted.

Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater, Isle of Wight

The Chemical Sister

Dimbola Lodge Museum, former home of a genius pioneer in portrait photography, Julia Margaret Cameron. Owing to the peculiar supernatural wafts many visitors suspect she still is in residence. She is and doubtless enjoys the fact the building is still as loved as when she left it.

Fort Redoubt, Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight

The Cliffs at Freshwater Bay

The Ghost & The Age Of Aquarius

The old forgotten gun fort above Freshwater Bay was an unexpected sanctuary for the Island’s most famous ghost. Some locals attempted to ambush him, and doubtless the ghost of Tennyson Down enjoyed proving them correct.

Sun Inn & Brook Beach

Trail Of The Grail, Revisited

The old Sun Inn in Hulverstone; Brook Hill House and Brook beach, a place where science might begin its investigation of how a multi-dimensional universe interacts; but most people speculate on the Grail carrier Joseph of Armiathea and the curious case of the onward journey travelled by Miss Gourlay who drowned in the Clarendon disaster up the coast. The ghost of Brook beach offered a tantalising clue in answer to some of these intriguing mysteries.

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