Heaven & Hell

Ghost Encounters Heaven & Hell investigates the information offered by those one step closer than the living,  to these twin destinations. Ghosts. Some people living in our world insist everything is strictly WYSIWYG. –  What You See Is What You Get. Others believe there is more than meets the eye, out there. Ghosts are past opinion pollution, so what do they see? Find out. 

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Case Files Include: ‘Sweet & Sour Murder’. Brading’s notoriously haunted Old Rectory Mansion was the scene of crime of a nasty murder in the 1600s, the consequence of which was a resident ghost, much irritated by the drama. Some say murder happened a lot in times past in historic Brading. The nearby church, St. Mary the Virgin, marks the spot where a mass slaughter of islanders took place and is recorded by the venerable Bede in his history. Victorian storytellers believed the old well found under Brading haven was a Druid sacrificial site. Brading has history.

‘Buried Treasure’. It is a cruel and bitter fact of death that ghosts can become attached to lost objects of their desire. Margo and her helpers unearthed artefacts lost, hidden or buried by ghosts when alive in Mottistone, Lymington and Knighton. It is compelling evidence.

‘Of Poltergeists & Paradise’. Ventnor’s Botanic garden is a scene of exquisite bloom and variety, and notoriously problematic ghosts even though the garden was run by scientists. Also featured are the two cases of uppity ghosts in  Bonchurch’s former Peacock Vane and St. Lawrence’s Old Park hotels.

‘The Cupboard of Death’. Probably not often listed among a coroner’s manifest “cause of death” list, but it happens. St. George’s church, Arreton was the unlikely sanctuary for a thief ghost.

‘The World’s Weirdest Haunting’. All Saints church, Newchurch. It probably was. 

Image of Bonchurch Old Church
Bonchurch Old Church

‘Heaven or Hell?’ Old St. Boniface church in Bonchurch is among the smallest houses of God in the country. Its tiny boundary contained two trapped ghosts: a spinster and a groper with no self-control.

‘Hell on Earth’. Tower Hill, beside the Tower of London, was one of the premier venues for public execution. A death could draw thousands of spectators, some of whom still haunt the scene of sanctioned carnage. Some curious insights about death in the city were provided by the ghosts of Tower Hill.


Image of St Paul's Cathedral dome interior
St Paul’s Cathedral dome interior

‘Sarah Wilkes’ Miracle’. Probably the most unlucky house of God in the country. Fire, thunderbolts and scandal regularly rocked the foundations of Wren’s masterpiece Saint Paul’s cathedral, in London. By extraordinary good fortune it somehow survived the Blitz of the city in World War II. Maybe the ghost, Sarah Wilkes saved it.

‘Tyburn Tree’. Marble Arch, one of the busiest traffic zones on earth, and where the ghosts of the old Tyburn Gallows are more frightened than frightening.

‘The Magic Stones Mystery’. Godshill’s famous landmark church All saints, stands on a prehistoric sacred site, the reminder of which is commemorated in its curious legend of magical moving stones.

Just Desserts in Hell’s Kitchen’. The fabulous Hare and Hounds is now free of its ghosts. So, who haunted the site where mad, bad and dangerous Michael Morey was hung in chains for the murder he committed?

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