Olympian Foundation Consequences features FEATURING: Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Ares, Apollo, Iris & Dione, Enyo, Hebe & Ganymede; Zeus and Eris. Part II UNDERWORLD: The Keres, Thanatos, Nemesis, Hades, Hecate, Furies & Erinyes; Persephone and the Fates
FEATURING: Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Ares, Apollo, Iris & Dione, Enyo, Hebe & Ganymede; Zeus and Eris. Part II UNDERWORLD: The Keres, Thanatos, Nemesis, Hades, Hecate, Furies & Erinyes; Persephone and the Fates

Olympian Foundation Goddesses & Gods CONSEQUENCE

– A Small Universe Guide for Priestesses –


Queen of Heaven was Hera’s title in ancient times. In Hesiod’s listing she is the eldest daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Her ruthless retribution was literally the bitter source of legend and with trepidation I awaited her arrival in the temple.

A glowing ball of pink light formed above the altar; it deepened in colour and intensity then exploded, fragmenting through the room; wisps of light zipped in all directions until finally gathering into a female form, embroidering a pale blue robe; silvered light swirled over the floor weaving into silver sandals.

Tall and regal, a mature figure rather than slender; dark red brown hair worn “taken up”. A tiny wisp of a silver veil over her face concealed her features.

I thought I had sunk into oblivion in the minds of mortals, yet here are two who remember me. I accept the honour paid me. Thank you for your welcome,’ she said softly.

Her robe was long to the wrist, its design draped at neckline and waist. There was a sense of power, of authority; it was in her voice, soft though it was, and in her presence. She leaned forward, and first me and then Nick, she kissed us both on the lips.

You have had much to learn in so short a time. I will return again when invited.‘ And then she vanished.

Sometimes first encounters were as brief as that.


Hera’s second visit to the temple was even more spectacular, and terrifying.

Tiny silver stars rained over the altar; their light intermingled, whirling around the temple to the accompaniment of a ssshhissing sound, though only for a few moments. Golden beams of light burst from each corner of the ceiling. You see my essence, priestess.’ I felt her take hold of my hand, pulling me. ‘If you will come, I shall take you as far as you can go.’ She didn’t sound so friendly this time. She pulled hard.

Into darkness; a frightening silent blackness enveloped me, though I felt her firm hold pulling me deeper into the eerie cold oblivion. Her silent power over me was weird and unnerving; she was with me and yet she was not. I saw six feet or so of my umbilical cord streaming away behind before it vanished into the darkness.

Light! Just a pinprick of light. Then it was gone.

I saw it again and kept focus on it like a beacon; its increasing size offered a feeling of movement. Gradually the inky blackness brightened into grey misted light. It felt reassuring, even comforting at first after the darkness but deeper into the mist I sensed something bad, something sinister. Muffled sounds, faint at first but growing louder; human noises, sounds of distress. Shadow shapes were visible, like vague lumps in the mist light. Then suddenly it drifted apart, releasing a vile stench wave of human filth. The sound of sobbing was loud, and coming from groups of men and women huddled clustered together; pitiful creatures, thin as skeletons; some were naked, others clutched at ragged shreds of clothing. Hera pulled me slowly among them.

Who are these people?’ I asked.

These are the souls of those who once had faith and were loved by us,’ she answered. ‘Yet they chose a different path.’ We slowed to a halt.

The land of the lost. None were injured, so far as I could see but they looked desperate. An empty hopelessness seeped from the mist around. It didn’t just feel cold, it felt impenetrable and distant. A sense of endless nothingness hung in the atmosphere. I was glad she had such firm hold of me. I did not want to be left there, ever.

I show you this because I know you will not turn your back on us.’ She held me among them long enough for me to know and fear it, before she pulled me away. The mist thickened; the lump shapes became more indistinct; the vile stench and distress faded back into the mist barrier as darkness again closed around me, turning into ink blackness. It was impossible to tell where we were, how far from home; when I hesitated she pulled me on. The silver cord connecting me to my physical body somewhere back there, out there, was as thin as cotton; so thin I feared it could break at any moment. Just a twitch and it would be severed. Fear made me tremble. If the cord breaks, the connection is lost. I die.

You are frightened,’ said Hera in the darkness.

Yes,’ I replied. Please stop! I thought. Please let us go no further!

We stopped.

Thank you for taking part in this test, priestess.’

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